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Elderberry Protection Pack  - 30 Shots of Elderberry

Elderberry Protection Pack - 30 Shots of Elderberry

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Make this winter your healthiest yet. 

  • 1 packet of dried elderberries for DIY elderberry syrup, recipes included. Makes 8oz equal to 16 Tablespoons or 16 'shots' 
  • 14 ready to brew tea bags of my specially formulated Elder Buck Shot Herbal Tea = 14 'shots'     16+14=30

Elderberry everyday is easy with this package. Syrup for times when you want a little berry flavor and tea for those times you need your elderberry to be portable.

  • dried elderberries in tea are Sambucus canadensis from my farm 
  • dried elderberries for syrup are Sambucus nigra from external supplier

    Always cook dried elderberries before consuming!