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Elderberry Herbal Teas - American Elderberries

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American Elderberries from my farm are the main ingredient in these elderberry herbal teas - Packaged conveniently in teabags with 10 tea bags in each packthis is a great alternative to daily shots of elderberry syrup. This elderberry herbal tea is meant to be portable. Easy to take to work, on a trip where elderberry syrup can't go with you, or anywhere that you will have access to boiled water. Also great for just enjoying at home. 

Elderberry Herbal Tea Flavors

Elder Buck Shot Herbal Tea is anchored with elderberry. The berry flavor of this tea is very subtle and hides in the background with other flavors taking the main stage. Fat tea bags easily make two cups of tea, delicious hot or cold. A slightly spicy tea made with elderberries, cinnamon, ginger, and a touch of chipotle. A signature blend of Elderberry Edge Farm from my Bob Gordon elderberries that you won't find anywhere else. The chipotle is minor enough so that it is merely throat tingle, you won't get much heat unless you choose to make it really strong. A woodsy flavor great for fall and winter. My absolute favorite...and I never was a tea drinker. Read the reviews to decide if this is a tea for you. 

Elder Roo ~ If you like Rooibos tea this is your tea blend. Made with Honeybush, a close cousin of the Rooibos. Honeybush is combined with elderberry for a Rooibos similar yet different tasting tea. Undertones of wood and honey, sweet and floral, with very slight delicate tart notes. This is a full bodied tea that is quite soothing.

Elder Mint ~ The cool taste of peppermint combined with elderberry. It is a mint tea with a slightly different background (the berries) Made with Bob Gordon elderberries, and peppermint. 

Elder Echo ~ Elderberry, Echinacea and Cinnamon. Echinacea has long been known to be a medicinal herb. The taste of Echinacea by itself however is not pleasing to most. Here is it combined with American dried elderberries and a bit of cinnamon to make it very pleasing.    

Elderberries in tea bags are Sambucus nigra-canadensis from my elderberry farm. Only natural growing practices used. 


Customer Reviews

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Always prompt and great products, definitely my go to for anything elderberry!

Herbal tea

Excellent! Such a smooth taste and no aftertaste! I will definitely be buying more. All the best to you, Shannon. Stay well and safe!

Great flavor

Received one as a sample and just had to get more. Love the taste! Very unusual


I bought all three flavors to try, so I could see which one I like the best. I didn't know it could be this difficult! All three are different, yet all three are great! I still haven't decided which I like the best. You can't go wrong with any of them.


Elderberry Herbal Teas - American Elderberries

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I added the Herbs to the Elderberry and it's wonderful! I bought a canning funnel to use with the muslin cloth and it works great.. I love the option to add in Licorice, Lemon, Echinacea and Ginger. The Elder Echo tisane is fabulous. Will be ordering again.

The Best Elder Berries on the Market

Elderberry Edge Farm has the best elderberries we have ever used. They are clean, no bad ones, healthy looking. We will be using more of these in the future.

Fabulous High Quality Elderberries

Excellent customer service, wonderful elderberries, I'm enjoying my homemade syrup! Will be ordering again, super helpful in answering questions and I love the tea sampler - will order again.

Elderberry Treasure!

Shannon's customer service is superb and she anticipates needs and makes thoughtful recommendations. Fast service, excellent product, incredible value for the price and she has gained a lifetime customer. I love my organic homemade syrup sans chemicals, the muslin bag is wonderful. I appreciated the tea sample and will be ordering her lovely tea along with the fabulous Elderberries. So thankful for finding her and it's a privilege to support her small business and Farm.

Elderberry w/Jasmine Green Tea

I always add one tbsp of Elderberries to my Jasmine Green Tea...this combo tends to help our body's immune system !..............and a dab of honey adds to the flavor of this combo...try it !