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 More Juice from your Elderberries

Elderberry strainer bags will help you to strain off the skins and seeds of elderberries after cooking. Originally designed to make almond milk, these strainer bags remove pulp easily for ultra smooth elderberry syrup, jelly and wine. Reusable, eco-friendly, and a practical alternative to a cheesecloth or bowl strainer. Strong enough to squeeze even more juice out of your berries. I get up to 1/4 cup more juice per pound using either of these strainer bags compared to my bowl strainer.

You get 2 bags with one order. 

Choose from 

  •     8.75 x 11.5  Food grade nylon- will produce a finer strain, but cannot withstand boiling hot berries.
  •     8 x 10 Food grade cotton gauze - looser weave than nylon and can stand very hot berries. 

Peace Health & Elderberries  ~ Elderberry Edge Farm


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Website experience: Good Site, Loved it , Professional
Excellent products

I ordered the organic elderberries and cloth strainer bags. I was overly impressed with how fast my order shipped and had email shipping notifications all the way up to delivery. The bags were perfect for straining! I will definitely order again

Website experience: Loved it
Elderberry Strainer Bags

I used these bags to strain an elderberry tincture. The bags worked flawlessly. The juices came through the bag with nothing else. If you need to stain elderberries and possibly other things, no stems or seeds get though these bags. You can rinse them and reuse them. I would buy them again.

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Great product and awesome service

This is the 2nd time I've ordered from Elderberry Edge.
Recently ordered berries and 3 days later received them in the mail. I appreciated the cotton bags as well. The berries are of very good quality and no stems. Shannon has been outstanding with her customer service! Will always order my berries to make syrup from Elderberry Edge Farm!

Excellent Service and Product

This is the second tome I have ordered from Elderberry Edge Farm. I have nothing but praise for both experiences. The dried elderberries were excellent quality and the shipping was fast. I'll be ordering more from Elderberry Edge Farm. FIVE STARS

Excellent product

I was very impressed with the reasonable prices, fast shipping and quality of the products I purchased. I made my first batch of elderberry syrup using the recipe that was enclosed. It is fantastic! I will definitely purchase again and continue to use Grandma’s recipe!

Great tasting tea!!

I love this tea with a little bit of honey.

Not so sure

I don't think I would re-order this tea. It just wasn't "my cup of tea." The flavoring used with the elderberries isn't what I am looking for in a tea. I like a tea that is mild and soothing. Maybe it is the little bite or kick that I don't like.
But I also say that coffee is my first go to and if I drink tea, it is usually a mild herbal decaf tea.