Elderberry Strainer Bag [Spool of Thread shown for Size Comparison]
Elderberry Strainer Bag Weave

Elderberry Strainer Bag

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 More Juice from your Elderberries

An Elderberry strainer bag will help you to strain off the skins and seeds of elderberries after cooking. Originally designed to make almond milk, these strainer bags remove pulp easily for ultra smooth elderberry syrup, jelly and wine. Reusable, eco-friendly, and a practical alternative to a cheesecloth or bowl strainer. Strong enough to squeeze even more juice out of your berries. I get up to 1/4 cup more juice per pound using a strainer bag compared to my bowl strainer.

Large Bag for Large Elderberry Batches 

  • 15 x 11 inches. Food grade cotton gauze, this elderberry strainer bag can stand withstand very hot berries. 
  • Now with Finished Inside Seams preventing loose threads from escaping.
  • Re-Usable, wash with warm water and mild soap to reuse.


Spool of thread shown in picture for size comparison only and does not come with purchase.

    Peace Health & Elderberries  ~ Elderberry Edge Farm


    Customer Reviews

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    Great product!

    I received my order quickly, and I’m very pleased! It’s packaged well and the price is affordable.


    My questions were answered fast and thoroughly, so I bought all three flavors of tea and some dried berries to make into syrup. The order was filled quick and shipped immediately. All three flavors of tea are wonderful!

    Everything was perfect!

    I ordered 1 lb dried elderberries, and both types of the strainer bags...cotton & nylon. I was surprised how quickly the package arrived! I haven't used the berries or the bags yet, but I can tell you, the elderberries are beautiful, and the bags are high quality. All the berries are dark...meaning they were ripe when harvested, and contain no stems, sticks, loose seeds, or other debris. Another plus is that they aren't over dried. They have a sheen of sorts...not dull looking. I have no doubt these elderberries will make awesome syrup! Also, Shannon was very gracious to answer my emailed questions in a prompt, friendly, thorough manner. I will most definitely order again from Elderberry Edge Farm!


    Quick and speedy~

    Great bags!

    Made elderberry making and straining so much easier!

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    128 reviews

    I made the syrup it tast great, we take a tbsp a day. Thank you. 😊

    Very pleased

    This a great product at a really good price...Fast shipping as well!


    I bought all three flavors to try, so I could see which one I like the best. I didn't know it could be this difficult! All three are different, yet all three are great! I still haven't decided which I like the best. You can't go wrong with any of them.

    Great product!

    I received my order quickly, and I’m very pleased! It’s packaged well and the price is affordable.

    Great product & fast shipping

    Also received a nice gift since I reordered. Thanks so much, I will be back!