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Elder Flower Tea Bags

Elderberry Edge Farm

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Elder Flower Tea Bags
Elder Flower Tea Bags
Elder Flower Tea Bags

Elder Flower Tea in Bags ~ 12 bags.

Working in the elderberry field when the elder flowers are in bloom is our favorite time to work. I can smell them from the back porch and it is scented heaven when one is actually immersed in the field. At Elderberry Edge Farm we preserve that heavenly elder flower scent  by drying the flowers and putting them in string-less tea bags. 

Many of the same properties as Elderberries but in a form that one can happily curl up on the couch and drink all winter long. Ice it and add a bit of lemon and it becomes a refreshing summer drink.

Uses for Elder Flower Tea

Having the elder flower tea in bags helps in so many instances, not only for making an elder flower herbal tea to drink but also for making quite a few other things. No straining out the wayward flowers, just remove the tea bag. Here are a few ideas.

  • Elder Flower Liqueur. Mix a few teabag with a liquor, let them seep, then enjoy the unique new liquor you have created 
  • Elder Flower Lemonade ~ combine the elder flower tea bags with a bit of lemon for a refreshing twist on an old favorite.
  • Elder flower Butter ~ gently heat butter until hot but not burning. Move the butter to low or no heat and add a few tea bags (I use 2 per stick) Let elder flower tea bags seep stirring occasionally, when you can smell and taste the flowers in the butter, remove bags and squeeze. Re-chill the butter for a delightful treat on your next slice of toast. Truly amazing!
  • Elder Flower Cookies ~ Use the butter from above in your favorite cookie recipe reducing or omitting any liquid flavorings such as vanilla. 

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