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About Me

Hello, I am Shannon and I am an elderberry fanatic, farming the elderberry in Ash Grove MO, a small town in Southwestern MO.   I began with an acre of elderberries in 2010 and have continued to refine and improve growing and harvesting techniques over more than 9 years now.

About me Elderberry Edge Farm





Since 2010 I have participated in multiple American Elderberry Growers Conferences, one International Elderberry Growers Conference [where I learned from the far more experienced European growers] and small farmers groups where I have been a guest speaker on the wonders of elderberry. All in an effort to learn more and to share what I know.



My goal has always been to promote the elderberry in hopes that one day it will be as common on the American small farm as an apple tree. Common enough so that when one thinks of helpful plants the elderberry is one of the first that comes to mind.


I always strive to provide extra value to my customers, giving them more than what they pay for, making sure they know that I am here if they have any elderberry questions I can answer for them. Sure an internet search is quick but if you are like me you always wonder if the information is trustworthy. Ask a grower, ask me.    Peace Health & Elderberries.  ~ Shannon