An Elderberry Farm Missouri, About Me

Hello, I am Shannon and I am an elderberry fanatic, owner of an elderberry farm in Missouri, just outside the town of Ash Grove MO. Ash Grove is my hometown, a small town in Southwestern MO. I began farming elderberries after I retired with an acre of elderberries in 2010 and have continued to refine and improve growing and harvesting techniques for over 10 years now.

Elderberry farm Missouri, about me





Since 2010 I have participated in multiple American Elderberry Growers Conferences. I have also attended The International Elderberry Growers Conference, where I learned from far more experienced European growers. I have attended many small farmers groups where I have been a guest speaker on the wonders of elderberry. All in an effort to learn more and to share what I know.


Life on an elderberry farm in Missouri

Everything elderberry is my hobby, days are relaxed and easy.  My goal has always been to promote the elderberry in hopes that one day it will be as common on the American small farm as an apple tree. Common enough so that when one thinks of helpful plants, the elderberry is one of the first that comes to mind.


I always strive to provide extra value to my customers, giving them more than what they pay for, making sure they know that I am here if they have any elderberry questions I can answer for them. Sure, an internet search is quick, but if you are like me you always wonder if the information is trustworthy. Ask a grower, ask me. the woman living on an elderberry farm in Missouri.

   Peace Health & Elderberries.  ~ Shannon  


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Great product and awesome service

This is the 2nd time I've ordered from Elderberry Edge.
Recently ordered berries and 3 days later received them in the mail. I appreciated the cotton bags as well. The berries are of very good quality and no stems. Shannon has been outstanding with her customer service! Will always order my berries to make syrup from Elderberry Edge Farm!

Excellent Service and Product

This is the second tome I have ordered from Elderberry Edge Farm. I have nothing but praise for both experiences. The dried elderberries were excellent quality and the shipping was fast. I'll be ordering more from Elderberry Edge Farm. FIVE STARS

Excellent product

I was very impressed with the reasonable prices, fast shipping and quality of the products I purchased. I made my first batch of elderberry syrup using the recipe that was enclosed. It is fantastic! I will definitely purchase again and continue to use Grandma’s recipe!

Great tasting tea!!

I love this tea with a little bit of honey.

Not so sure

I don't think I would re-order this tea. It just wasn't "my cup of tea." The flavoring used with the elderberries isn't what I am looking for in a tea. I like a tea that is mild and soothing. Maybe it is the little bite or kick that I don't like.
But I also say that coffee is my first go to and if I drink tea, it is usually a mild herbal decaf tea.