Elderberry Recipes from the Farm

Elderberry Edge Farm 2/28/19
Elderberry Recipes

Elderberry Recipes From The Farm

Elderberry recipes are something I enjoy creating at Elderberry Edge Farm. Here are some of my best elderberry recipes, both my creations and old standards. Always cook elderberries before consuming.  

Elderberry Syrup Recipes

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Elderberry Drink Recipes
Elderberry Dessert Recipes
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View Details Elderberry Wine Jelly  
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Elderberry For Everyday Recipes
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Best elderberry recipes for kids? 

Try my elderberry gummie recipe, elderberry jelly, or Grandma's Elderberry Syrup.

All Elderberry recipes are printable and ink friendly with space for your own notes and ratings. Go to the page of the recipe you want to print off.  It will print in the top right corner of paper so you can flip your paper to get four 3x5 elderberry recipes of your choice on one sheet and 8 if you use both sides.  I recommend card stock paper for more durability, you will want to keep these elderberry recipes for a long time. Don't have card stock paper lying around? Grab a file folder, trim it to a paper size and use that in your printer. Wala, instant thick paper that is comparable to card stock!

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raw elderberries should not be in elderberry recipes

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27 reviews
Great product and awesome service

This is the 2nd time I've ordered from Elderberry Edge.
Recently ordered berries and 3 days later received them in the mail. I appreciated the cotton bags as well. The berries are of very good quality and no stems. Shannon has been outstanding with her customer service! Will always order my berries to make syrup from Elderberry Edge Farm!

Excellent Service and Product

This is the second tome I have ordered from Elderberry Edge Farm. I have nothing but praise for both experiences. The dried elderberries were excellent quality and the shipping was fast. I'll be ordering more from Elderberry Edge Farm. FIVE STARS

Excellent product

I was very impressed with the reasonable prices, fast shipping and quality of the products I purchased. I made my first batch of elderberry syrup using the recipe that was enclosed. It is fantastic! I will definitely purchase again and continue to use Grandma’s recipe!

Great tasting tea!!

I love this tea with a little bit of honey.

Not so sure

I don't think I would re-order this tea. It just wasn't "my cup of tea." The flavoring used with the elderberries isn't what I am looking for in a tea. I like a tea that is mild and soothing. Maybe it is the little bite or kick that I don't like.
But I also say that coffee is my first go to and if I drink tea, it is usually a mild herbal decaf tea.