Creating Elderberry Recipes. What Elderberry Pairs well with.

Author Shannon @ Elderberry Edge Farm 3/2/19

Looking to Create an Elderberry Recipe?

What can you do with elderberries? Create a new recipe! When Creating Elderberry Recipes, what elderberry Pairs well with is very helpful to know where to begin. The elderberry cooking world is filled with experimentation and finding flavors that can play off one another, sometimes in very unusual ways.  Create a new elderberry recipe by noticing proportions of other similar berry recipes and knowing what elderberry pairs well with.

The seeds in the elderberry are gritty, and elderberry is not to be eaten raw, it is best to consider using only the juice of this berry. *Cook and strain out pulp and seeds. 

Elderberry is a bit similar in flavor to some other berries, most notably, blackberry. It is easily recognized as a berry flavor and has a sweet-tart like taste with earthy undertones. Expand and redirect with that flavor in mind. Some flavor combinations just do not work with elderberry, here are a few flavors that do work. Use these for your elderberry recipe ideas.


Elderberry pairs well with, creating elderberry recipes

 Elderberry Pairs well with

  • Lemon - good to add to elderberry to not only kick up, but to change/redirect the elderberry tartness just a bit.
  • Apple - whole or as juice/cider these flavors are just great together.
  • Peach - peach is quite a strong flavor but when paired with elderberry the elderberry hits you first with the familiar peach ending.
  • Pear - a mild flavor, the elderberry can easily overwhelm, add elderberry sparingly if you want to keep any of the pear flavor.
  • Plum - a heavy flavor that is brightened by elderberry.
  • Honey- can be used to smooth tartness of elderberry. Use honey sparingly or the honey will overwhelm.


  • Spices to add to your elderberry recipe

    • Ginger
    • Cinnamon

    • Nutmeg
    • Star Anise (adds a licorice-like taste)
    • Allspice
    • Cloves 

    This is by no means an extensive list, just a few ideas to get you started. The elderberry recipe world is wide open, jump on in and create a signature recipe of your very own! If there is a limit to what you can do with elderberry, go find it.  

    Cups to pounds Elderberry


    Check out my Elderberry Formulas, Cups to Pounds, Fresh to Dry Conversions & Making Elderberry Syrup w/o a book. 


     *It is usually a good idea to cook elderberry before consuming the exception is wine and vinegar. Raw elderberry is slightly toxic, meaning it can cause a tummy ache, cooking boils off toxin making it perfectly safe.

    Peace, Health & Elderberries

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