How to Store Dried Elderberries

How to Store Dried Elderberries
The dried elderberry is meant to be shelf stable meaning no refrigeration is necessary. Dried elderberries will be good for many years but are slightly better if used within the first year. Want to store your dried elderberries so they have the best quality possible? Follow the storage tips below for your very best dried elderberries.

How to store dried elderberries for the best quality

  • Storing at room temperature 68-72 degrees is good - 60 degrees or below is a bit better.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Put them in the dark. 
  • Avoid exposure to air. If you have used part of the bag, squeeze the air out of the bag before re-sealing.  
  • Store them in a dry place. Avoid all contact with moisture.
  • Store away from children. Dried elderberries are toxic when eaten out of the bag. Don't keep them in a place where curious mouths may find them. 
  In short, a dark cool cabinet if you plan on using them within the year. Think it might take longer? Lower the temperature. Your refrigerator or the freezer may be a good storage option for you. The bag they came in is moisture proof however one can imagine the mess if  this bag got poked in the freezer! Place the bag inside another container for added insurance.
  • Cabinets near ovens or your refrigerator are typically warmer and thus bad for ANY food storage. 
  • Going on vacation and shutting off your air? Remember your elderberries and move them to the fridge.  
  • If you do not keep your house between 68-72 sometimes a refrigerator is your best storage option as the humidity and temperature will be controlled inside.  

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