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My shipping prices are weight based and shipped through the United States Post Office. Shipping and delivery rates can be calculated after the shipping address is entered. 

Normally I fulfill the order and your package will go out the very next day.  The average arrival time to your mail box is 2-3 days after shipping and you will be provided with tracking information once your order is fulfilled.  

MARCH 12th 2020 ~ **ATTENTION  Due to very high demand berry orders are now taking up to 2 days to be fulfilled. We are sorting as fast as we can ~ speed is important to us but our quality is also important. If your need is immediate you may want to check other suppliers ship time. Do take into account that berries from others may not come to you as clean as you want and you may have to spend time sorting out stems, rocks etc. before you begin cooking with them. Thank you for your consideration.    

We only ship to USA no territories or Hawaii. 

Thank you for considering a purchase from us.  Peace Health and Elderberries ~ Shannon @ Elderberry Edge Farm

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Was told shipped over two weeks ago. Took my money fast but no berries yet!
Theresa. You are right to complain. Every customer that provides an e-mail is emailed a tracking # after package is sent. Your package shows it was sent on the 6th. It is now the 18th and according to the tracking # it is due to arrive tomorrow the 19th. Information shows it was stuck 'in Transit' for 10 days between MO and NJ!! This is terrible and I am sorry this has happened. ~ Shannon