The Key to Growing an Elderberry Plant

Elderberry Plants are most often obtained through cuttings off the mother plant. Elderberry plants are extremely hardy, even if you have never grown anything, you can do this!
Some people can explain tying a shoelace in terms so technical you won't even realize what it is. If the chart below seems simple that is because elderberry cuttings are simple to grow!  ;-) Happy Growing from Elderberry Edge Farm 
key to elderberry cuttings

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  •  Never Grown before? Here are gardener logic tips to know - Roots need WARM moist soil to develop. Placing pot against cold window may chill soil. Cuttings need about 45-60 days before they will be big enough to set out. Outdoor soil temperature should be about 55-60 before transplanting outside. Harden off plants [put outside during warm days, back inside on colder nights] before transplant. Take care to maintain water needs of small elderberry plants the first summer. Needs are 1 inch of rain per week or 1 gallon of water.
  • Not ready to start plants yet? Hold elderberry cuttings in refrigerator until you are, making sure packing soil is always damp. 
  • Want to skip the pots? Elderberry cuttings can be held in refrigerator until soil temperature has warmed and placed directly in permanent home. Or place cuttings into winter ground and wait for spring to see them leaf out. If direct planting take extra care to maintain water needs.

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