Elderberry Herbal Tea in teabags Elder Buck Shot
Elder Buck Shot Herbal Tea Elderberry tea in teabags

Elderberry Tea - Elder Buck Shot Herbal Tea

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Elderberries from my farm are the main ingredient in this elderberry tea - Elder Buck Shot Herbal Tea is anchored with elderberry, this herbal tea has a woodsy flavor with a gentle lingering warmth.  Spicy,  sweet,  and intense.  Packaged conveniently in teabags, this is a great alternative to daily shots of elderberry syrup. 

Elderberries used for tea are heat treated before drying for digestive ease and ingredients are carefully measured for a consistent cup taste every time, with no caffeine.  Made with elderberries, organic ginger root, cinnamon, and a very light touch of chipotle. Not your average cup of tea. 

Elderberries in tea bags are Sambucus canadensis from my elderberry farm.

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Tea Taste?: Okay
Not so sure

I don't think I would re-order this tea. It just wasn't "my cup of tea." The flavoring used with the elderberries isn't what I am looking for in a tea. I like a tea that is mild and soothing. Maybe it is the little bite or kick that I don't like.
But I also say that coffee is my first go to and if I drink tea, it is usually a mild herbal decaf tea.

Tea Taste?: Very Good
Love this tea!

I love the flavor of this tea! I will for sure order more when I’m out.

Tea Taste?: Very Good

Very lovely and interesting flavor. After just one cup I’m hooked. Will definitely be ordering more. I do add a teaspoon of local honey.


I love your elderberry tea!

Excellent Tea!

Very tasty tea with a wonderful aromatic elderberry flavor that's followed with a very soothing, mild warmth from the chipotle and ginger.
Very soothing on a sore throat!!

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31 reviews
Made some yummy syrup!!

These were delicious and clean. I can feel good about giving these to my kiddos and I’m so very excited to try my surprise tea sample! We will be a continued customer.

Great sticks!

I ordered some starters to try this spring. They came well packaged, with directions to get growing. I’m excited to add elderberry bushes to my garden for my honeybees!

Elderberry Edge Farm Good Service

So far I am beyond pleased with my order from this farm. My elderberry cuttings were delivered quickly and in good condition. I received lots of directions for various planting methods. I highly recommend.

Great cuttings

I just received my order of Elderberry cuttings. They arrived fast and in great condition, looks like they were just snipped from the bushes! Following the very detailed instructions, I expect to have my own elderberry plants very soon.

Great bags!

Made elderberry making and straining so much easier!