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Elder Buck Shot Herbal Tea - Elderberry Herbal Tea

Elderberry Edge Farm

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Elderberry herbal tea Elder Buck Shot
Elder Buck Shot Herbal Tea - Elderberry Herbal Tea

An elderberry herbal tea with elderberry as the main ingredient. Elderberries, organic ginger root, cinnamon and a touch of chipotle combine to make a woodsy flavor with a gentle lingering warmth that is bold, spicy, sweet, and intense.

Elderberries used for tea are heat treated before drying for digestive ease and ingredients are carefully measured for a consistent cup taste every time, with no caffeine. Enjoy getting your daily shot of elderberry with an Elder Buck Shot.

These teabags are packed so full of goodness I get two hot cups of tea from one bag. I then take the bag and put it in a half full glass of cold water and place it into my refrigerator. By the time dinnertime rolls around I can just add ice and have an iced Elder Buck Shot to drink with my evening meal. That is three uses per each teabag!  Available in 7 or 14 packs. 

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