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Elderberry Cuttings for Sale

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Elderberry cuttings are how most elderberry farmers expand their acreage.  The elderberry farmer success rate of rooting elderberry cuttings IS great. Elderberry cuttings for sale to the general public success rates are lower. 

Seasonal Item. Supply is exhasted.

Success in rooting is dependent on your skills, mother nature and a variety of other factors that I can not control. I will include a few extra cuttings with each order to help you be successful with your rooting efforts, but I can offer no refunds or guarantees. 

Detailed instructions for growing elderberry cuttings will be included with each order along with my brand new improved grow out method for elderberry cuttings that is very promising for producing high success rates for the public. 

Elderberry Cuttings For Sale - Varieties Bob Gordon or Wyldewood

The following elderberries are both newly released varieties (2010-2011) from the Missouri Elderberry Improvement Project of 1998. American elderberries are self pollinating and thus only one variety is needed. There is conflicting information on the internet because the European elderberry needs two.   

Bob Gordon is my biggest harvester. If I could only have one variety of elderberry on the farm this is the one I would keep! One of the very best among hundreds of extensively tested elderberry plants. This is a major improvement over Adams and York, especially in the mid-western climate. It has done well in zones 3-9. 

Wyldewood It is a great producer, if you are looking for those extra large showy clusters, this is it! However, myself and many other growers have complained of the persistence of Japanese beetles on this variety. Because of its extra large cluster size, elderberry farmers are looking to this variety for flower harvests. 

Characteristics of Bob Gordon

Bob has uniform ripening within clusters and among clusters, and a large berry size with a firm berry texture. The flowers and fruit cluster size is large and the berry has small seeds. The berries have a glossy dark attractive fruit color, with consistent quality and it has resistance to shattering (flowers and fruit). Most impressive about Bob is that the heads tip over when ripe for bird theft protection.

Characteristics of Wyldewood 

The harvest season is generally 14-26 days later than ‘Bob Gordon’ with primary shoots ripening over a 3-4 week period giving you several harvests. The berry cluster size is medium to very large.  

Elderberry Edge Farm holds a nursery dealer’s registration inspection certificate. We are annually inspected and periodic re-inspected by area horticultural inspectors to insure we are FREE from harmful plant pests that may be transported through sales. 

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The EB's were packaged nicely, healthy cuttings. very good instructions on planting and care ofter planting. Ours are getting buds and roots already.

Great sticks!

I ordered some starters to try this spring. They came well packaged, with directions to get growing. I’m excited to add elderberry bushes to my garden for my honeybees!

Elderberry Edge Farm Good Service

So far I am beyond pleased with my order from this farm. My elderberry cuttings were delivered quickly and in good condition. I received lots of directions for various planting methods. I highly recommend.

Great cuttings

I just received my order of Elderberry cuttings. They arrived fast and in great condition, looks like they were just snipped from the bushes! Following the very detailed instructions, I expect to have my own elderberry plants very soon.

Chickens love it

I bought these on a whim. And I am excited to get them in the ground. I ordered 5, received 6. So I am very happy. All have the green ring around them to show they are live. Gonna get them going asap.

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